Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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Fans flock for stars not golf

Spectators seek chance to meet celebrities at NMB's Barefoot Resort

By Erin Reed

The Sun News

Not even a tornado watch could keep determined celebrity-watchers from their quest at the Hootie & the Blowfish Monday after the Masters Pro-Am golf tournament on Monday at Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach.

Even when the watch forced the end of play halfway through the tournament, spectators continued to mill about, hoping for a last-minute autograph or at least a glimpse of a star.

Even though it's a golf game, golf isn't the big attraction.

"We'll stand out in the middle of a tornado to get an autograph," said Don Cathcart of Spartanburg, who was at the tournament with three friends on a mission to collect celebrity autographs. Cathcart estimated he had about 20 by the time the tournament was canceled.

The most famous on the course, including actor Samuel L. Jackson and golf legend John Daly, were the toughest to conquer.

Cathcart said Daly wouldn't sign a golf ball he brought.

"The bigger the name, the harder it is," he said.

The team of Jackson, Daly and Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish drew the biggest crowds, and although fans thronged their golf carts, fans said the celebrities weren't as friendly as hoped.

Jackie Davis of Myrtle Beach was there for the celebrities, and Jackson was at the top of her list.

But she never got to talk to him.

"You could get close, but he wouldn't stop," she said.

Davis was at the tournament with her husband, local golf pro Randy Davis, who was one of the rare spectators interested in the actual golf game.

"My husband's into the golf part, and I like the celebrities," Jackie Davis said.

However, she did say Kevin Sorbo, better known as television's Hercules, was very friendly and talked to fans about his new baby.

J.R. Roberts, who lives at Ocean Lakes Campground near Surfside Beach, was at the tournament with his son, Curt Roberts, who traveled from the Virginia Beach area. The two were starstruck as they watched carts carrying the famous pass by.

"The celebrities bring us out," Curt Roberts said. His highlight for the day was an autograph from former Major League baseball player Johnny Bench, his childhood idol.


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