Wednesday, August 03, 2005

For Hispanics, J. Lo and Eva Aren’t the only One-Name Game in Town 

his weekend, L.A. fans can meet Adela – the hottest rising star on U.S. and Hispanic T.V.

Dallas, TX--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--July 28, 2005--Adela, one of the biggest stars on Mexican and U.S. T.V. today, is the single name celebrity of the future. She is the star of the telenovela Amor Real, which was the number-one rated T.V. show among U.S. Hispanic viewers this Spring – besting even Desperate Housewives – and she is currently starring in La Esposa Virgen, a telenovela debuting in the U.S. later this year. Connecting with L.A.-area fans, Adela Noriega - for those needing an introduction - will sign autographs this weekend in support of MASECA’S(R) “El Sabor de Un Gran Amor” promotion, which featured Adela and Amor Real co-star Mauricio Islas.

Date Time Place

Saturday 11 am -1 pm Superior Supermarket

July 30 151 S. Hacienda Boulevard

Hacienda Heights

Saturday 4-6 pm Food for Less

July 30 8620 Whittier Blvd.

Pico Rivera

Sunday 11 am -1 pm Cardenas

July 31 16721 Valley Blvd.


Sunday 4-6 pm Liborio

July 31 130 W. G Street


Participating in her first U.S. campaign, Adela’s star-power yielded sensational results for MASECA(R), the #1 corn masa flour brand worldwide, and its Hispanic promotions agency Hispano USA. With the “El Sabor de un Gran Amor” promotion, which ended in June, MASECA(R) created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many U.S. Hispanics to meet their favorite entertainer and tapped into the growing promotional power of celebrities from Mexico.

For more information on the autograph signings or the MASECA(R) campaign, please contact Lisa Cruz at 210-227-0221 ext. 244 or call Susie Guillen, on-site in L.A., at 210-240-6332 or Alejandra Quiroz at 305-213-2667.

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